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Loakimidis Textiles
Architect: AETER Architects - Harry C. Bougadellis & Associate Architects S.A.
Location: Koropi, GREECE
Year: 2011
Applicator: Dimopoulos G. EPE
Investor: Ioakeimidis
Category: Non-residential building

New Office Building for Ιoakimidis TEXTILES, ΚΟROPI

The new building offices of Ιoakimidis TEXTILES are situated in Koropi, with a total area of 4968.34 m2, housing the offices, the storage areas and the handling and repackaging of fabrics spaces of the company. 

The plot, approximately 8.000 m2, had an elongated shape which inspired the shape and the structural plan of the building.

The façade of the building is characterized by a glass volume which is partly covered by vertical ‘’stripes’’ of drywall.

The stripes develop throughout the height of the building and thicken as we move away from the main façade.

This morphological approach aims to recreate the image of a bar code.  

The main entrance of the building is on the ground floor, accessible via a ramp.

A semi - open space created by the ‘’stripes’’ extending above and on the sides of it, give the impression of a protected entrance and on the same time emphasize the entrance.

After the entrance a two storey height corridor separates the building into two units: the offices and shop, the warehouse and the logistics.

The corridor has on the one side a fire resistant glazing, giving the visitors the opportunity to realize the size of the building. 

On the first level, with a separate reception, there are the offices and on the ground floor the electrical and mechanical facilities, some storage areas and parking space for 12 vehicles.

Part of the surrounding area of the building has also parking spaces and the rest is planted.

Project Details:

Owner: Ιoakimidis TEXTILES

Architectural Design:

AETER Architects - Harry C. Bougadellis & Associate Architects S.A.

Supervising Architect: Nora Mavromati

Associate Architect: Spiridoula Kouloumpi

Structural Design: Stefanos Diamantaras - Georgios Diamantaras

E/M Engineering: ENGCONSULTANCY - Consultants Engineers Stavros Spanos, Vasileios Vasileioy

Topographic Design: TOPOANALISIS - I. Klettas - Ch. Seleventas

Development Consultant: Dimand S.A.

Project Management: Dimand S.A.

Supervising Manager: Lina Gouni

Construction: ARCON CONSTRUCTION (2009 - 2011)
Ph;otos: Yannis Kontos, PhD, Documentary Photography


Harry C. Bougadellis & Associate Architects S.A.

4 Evripidou Str., Athens, 17674, Greece

Tel.  +30 210 9407 980

Fax. +30 210 9407 981,   e-mail:

AETER Architects is one of the largest architectural practices in Greece.

It is the evolution of the architectural practice of Harry Bougadellis, established in Athens in 1984.

The aim of the company is to provide top quality architectural services to our clients while meeting the cost and time constraints set in each occasion.

AETER Architects’ principles pervade dynamic innovation and response to time constraints together with high quality specifications.

The flexible organization of AETER Architects allows for a direct and beneficial collaboration primarily amongst our associates and staff as well as with our clients and consultants.

Experienced professionals, teamwork spirit and continuous involvement of the Project Architects, Project Leaders and Design Directors ensure the successful development of all projects that the office undertakes.

Our well-tuned hierarchy enables us to review the work produced as a whole and thus take the necessary decisions as soon as any design, managerial or technical issue appears.

Following this approach, regular meetings between Directors and Staff encourages everyone involved to share their personal views regarding the practise in order to ensure that the strategic goals of AETER Architects are kept up to date.

The practise’s creative character is complemented by a contemporary infrastructure which takes advantage of the currently available technologies.

Quality is further ensured by a fully implemented quality management system, certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 International Standard.

The presence of AETER Architects is multifaceted and includes projects of all sizes and of every phase of design including some of the most prestigious projects for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

During recent years, our practise has been involved in various sectors such as workplace, healthcare, retail, government, cultural and educational institutions, transport, hospitality, entertainment and sports along with numerous awards and competition-winning projects.

Although Architectural Design is the main activity of the practise, AETER Architects takes no less pride in undertaking commissions which concern Professional Consulting and Site Supervision in the private or public sectors.

Our work has been extensively published in Hellenic and International Press, featured in books and magazines.

AETER Architects, being increasingly interested in the globalization of architectural activity, was invited and actively participated in the Leading European Architects Forum, 2003.

The proof of AETER Architects’ success is by ‘World Architecture’ Magazine which has ranked us amongst the top 300 architectural firms in the world for several consecutive years.

Having established itself as one of the leading architectural practices in Greece, AETER Architects is expanding its activities abroad, in the field of high-end projects of international importance by being a member of LEEAD Consulting S.A.

LEEAD Consulting is made up of five of Greece\'s finest architectural, structural, engineering and construction contract firms with long-standing experience and high quality expertise in the fields of Project Design, Project & Construction Management and Contract Consulting.

LEEAD Consulting provides services covering all stages of implementation including preparatory works and investigations, from inception to construction, operation and management, with over 250 completed projects in over 100 countries worldwide. The company has seven international branch offices including Greece, U.A.E. and Oman.

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