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Residential house Jarov
Architect: Podlipný Sladký architekti s.r.o.
Location: CZ Praha 3
Year: 2013
Applicator: Step - Praha s.r.o., STAVOREVITA s.r.o.
Investor: Auto Jarov s.r.o.
Category: More family residential dwelling

The apartment building on the premises of Auto Jarov in Prague 3 contains 71 small-space apartments and 46 parking spaces in a two storey garage.

An Italian restaurant is located in the building's parterre and a wine shop with its own cellar in the basement.

Residential units are intended for rental, they are furnished, and are mainly meant for employees of the Auto Jarov company.

The restaurant and the wine shop should fill the gap in services, and are also intended for visitors and residents of the surrounding area.

The building is designed and built as a low-energy building, i.e. the annual heat consumption for space heating does not exceed 50 kWh/ m2.

Apartment heating is designed as hot-water central heating, with CZT being the the heat source for space heating and DHW heating. There is central forced ventilation with heat recovery in the building.

The building is located on the western border of the Auto Jarov site, on a terrain with a height difference of about 3 meters.

The house will thus create a natural division between the site's technical/manufacturing function and the residential building on Habrová Street.

The building is oriented towards the north-south, small-space apartments are oriented towards the east and west, and the tower with larger apartments offers views to the south (to the greenery of the Malešický forest).

The ground plan of the building is a twice bent dynamic mass with 4 regular storeys and a 9 storey tower.

The tower mass, volume and height corresponds to the neighbouring tower houses in Habrová Street.

On the ground floor and the first floor (parking), the mass of the house is lightweight; it has no solid perimeter structure, only supporting columns and parapet plates.

These plates are covered with a smooth plaster, an imitation of architectural concrete.

The eastern and western facades of apartment floors are equipped with a smooth plaster in a light shade with contact mineral wool insulation.

The facade surface is divided by bold horizontal ledges at the ceiling level of each floor, by French windows and by vertical stripes of smooth plaster with metallic coat.

Windows are made out ​​of wooden euro profiles with triple glass insulation in a dark shade.

The windows are complemented by a glass railing and external horizontal blinds to avoid overheating of apartments in the summer.

The north facades of the building are covered by a ventilated facade made out of Silbonit black panels, the material of which creates an envelope framing the plastered surfaces of the eastern and western facades.

Balcony railing of the south tower is made out of perforated sheet metal.

The dynamic mass design of the house, use of a shiny metallic plaster and panelling material with joints refer to the environment and detail of the automotive industry.

Baumit materials:
ETICS Baumit, Baumit SilikonTop K 1,5, Baumit FillTop, Baumit Metallic, creative styl - concrete
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